The Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group / Groupe Canadien d’Endocrinologie Pédiatrique (CPEG / GCEP) held its first independent meeting in London, Ontario, in 2007. Canadian pediatric endocrinologists had met regularly before, but within the framework of larger groups, such as the joint meetings of the Canadian Diabetes Association and of the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (CDA/CSEM) or of groups with a narrower mandate, such as the Canadian Growth Hormone Advisory Committee. CPEG formally became a section of the CSEM in 1996. However, there had been a longstanding desire of pediatric endocrinologists to form an independent group. CPEG therefore became a self-standing association in 2006 and started organizing its own annual meetings. Importantly, CPEG includes not only specialist physicians but also scientists, nurses and other health care professionals involved in pediatric endocrine care and research. Trainees benefit from competitive CPEG scholarships funded through unrestricted educational grants from industry. Since CPEG was established, its membership has grown steadily, as has attendance to its meetings.

Dr. Guy van Vliet

See also Dr. Cheri Deal's A (Brief) Growth Hormone History in Canada.