Shiny Apps

Shiny application guide

Online software (Zapps™) for batch-calculating growth centiles and Z-scores

There is also an option for those wanting the WHO macros without the bother of a statistical package. We have created an online application running the WHO macros on an R server (aka Shiny).

On the Shiny server, batch data may be uploaded in the form of a comma separated variable (.csv) spreadsheet, from Excel or similar. An Excel calculator is also available for processing batch files (Windows only).

Online software for plotting individual or composite growth data

For those who prefer to create growth charts by uploading anthropometric data in spreadsheet (.csv) format, we have also created Shiny plotters for this purpose:

Or if you prefer to combine direct data entry with the versatility of Shiny:

If our primary site is down, please feel free to use out back-up site at

If you would like to directly enter individual growth data into a browser, please see the CPEG web plotter on our web site.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Dr. Atul Sharma or Dr. Dan Metzger.