“Anthropometric Calculator” Android App


The Anthropometric Calculator app calculates percentiles and Z-scores for height, weight, body-mass index, waist circumference, head circumference, blood pressure (NIH/NHLBI 2004 or AAP 2017) and height velocity for normal children (using WHO or CDC references), for children with a number of syndromes (Turner, Down, Prader–Willi, Russell–Silver and Noonan), and for premature infants (Fenton or INTERGROWTH-21st). Citations are provided for each reference range used for the calculations.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the app or suggestions about fixes or improvements.

At present, there is no iOS version available. Desktop versions are available on the BC Children's Hospital's website.

The “Anthropometric Calculator” app is available on Google Play:

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